David Bastedo is a dynamic Canadian multi-disciplinary artist who engages in multiple disciplines including painting, sculpture, and photography. His lively, often vibrant creations exemplify self-expression and self-discovery, mirroring his personality, emotions, interests, and life experiences, while encapsulating his youthful spirit, creative curiosity, and pursuit of emotional release.

Driven by a love for colour and the joy it evokes inside of him, Bastedo continually challenges himself by pushing boundaries and experimenting with new techniques. This approach allows him to produce art that serves as a positive channel for his energy, curiosity, and emotions. He transitions from digital-based creativity to a more tactile, analog experience that fosters joy, curiosity, and a youthful spirit, promoting ongoing artistic growth.

Drawing from an array of inspirations, including memories, emotions, colours, experiences, and textures, Bastedo's creativity enables him to explore the world, communicate ideas, and find inner harmony. His artistic process is deeply introspective, starting with an object, mood, or emotion, and evolving through successive iterations or layers that reflect his emotional state.

Throughout his career, Bastedo has utilized various forms of expression and artistic exploration. His creations function both as an emotional outlet and a representation of his evolving artistic journey, inspiring others to value the sensory and analog aspects of art.

Bastedo's work vividly portrays his life experiences, emotional landscape, and environment. His artistic journey is characterized by continuous evolution and transformation. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Bastedo exhibits his passion and skills, encouraging individuals to stay true to their own interests and appreciate their own journey and sense of artistic expression.